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Macro World

Explore this amazing world where almost everything is hidden from us in plain sight


If you’re struggling to see the world's entirety, try looking at it differently. Instead of seeing it as a whole, try to see it as a collection of parts. Look at the amazing details in the eyes of an ant or a spider. Or how about the intricate patterns on a butterfly’s wings? Instead of seeing a rose as a flower, you’ll discover that it’s actually a beautiful collection of petals. 
Some days are so busy that it’s easy to miss out on the little details. Stop for a moment to see incredible creations of our little big planet.

Что внутри:

Look from a different perspective at:

  • Insects and flowers.
  • Textures and patterns.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Stones and minerals.
  • Rust, water and ice.

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