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Best Beaches

The beach is a summer destination for relaxation and recreation


There's something special about a good beach that makes us feel relaxed and revitalized. A favorite beach is like a favorite poem – individual, important, and something that makes our hearts sing. And now, more than ever, we are dreaming of days spent having our toes in the sand.
Instead of the typical sandy beaches and crowded resorts, we've sought out peaceful spots that are often off the beaten track but remain incredibly beautiful. From the most gorgeous beaches in Europe to far-flung stretches in Africa, Asia, and more, these are the best beaches in the world.

Что внутри:

Breathtaking photos that reveal the undeniable allure of beach paradises:

  • The golden sun.
  • Ivory sand.
  • Turquoise bays.
  • Crowd-free spots.

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